Sharing my thoughts, experience, and key takeaways from the HBS CORe program

When the lockdowns began last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself having a significant amount of free time like everyone else. I considered myself fortunate to be working from home, but wanted to direct my energy toward self-improvement during my free time.

I started researching areas of…

Financial models must be free of error in order to be most impactful to a business

Financial models serve as valuable tools used for multiple types of analysis that provide insights to the companies of their practitioners. Financial models are used for assessing a potential new acquisition opportunity, entering a new market, analyzing different pricing strategies, and many other uses. Most financial modeling is done in…

Advice for those looking to change careers from finance to startups

1. No one cares that you worked at a big bank

My first job out of school was at J.P. Morgan Chase in a two-year analyst program. It was a highly competitive program to get into. My finance friends and family members were proud, and I was equally excited.

When I started working at a startup, many of the colleagues did…

Brandon Roopnarain

Finance & Tech | JPM alum | Sharing my experiences & helping others navigate career complexities.

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